Web Design Introduction

Course Overview of UC3201. Web Design Introduction.

The course is a mixture of lectures, demonstrations, hands-on exercises and lab time. In the class students will design and build a Website of their own choosing for business, U of MN departments, organizations or personal use. The final site will be a professional portfolio piece that can be used to show Web design skills.

Introduction to the Design and Development Process
A brief tour of the world of Web site development, this section focuses on basic concepts such as the anatomy of the Internet, HTML code, and the structure of a Web site.

Planning the Site
Often overlooked by novice developers, planning is a critical factor in the eventual success of a Web site. Students will see and use the planning techniques employed by professional developers.

The Design Process
Adobe Photoshop is the workhorse of Web page design. Students will receive a thorough introduction to the program and its Web-specific tools. In the process they will be introduced to topics critical to Web designers, such as visual design, interface design, color theory, and resolution.

The Production Process
Learn techniques for turning your design and planning documents into functioning Web pages. Students will use Dreamweaver as well as CSS, HTML5 and Bootstrap to construct pages based on Photoshop designs.

Test and Upload
No Web site should be considered complete until it passes a battery of tests. This section teaches students how to relate finished pages to the planning documents that define how those pages should work, and covers methods of updating remote Web sites using FTP. In addition search engine optimization and domain names will be discussed.

The Web Today and Tomorrow
The growth of social media, apps and web services will be investigated through presentations and discussions. And the growing popularity of designing for mobile devices and tablets will be explored with mobile friendly Bootstrap design. Finally, how to publish to a free web host or create a unique personal URL.

The Instructor
To see the resume and bio for David Husom. Visit the Bio page.

Programs covered in class:
Adobe Creative Cloud Photoshop, Dreamweaver and Animate.