Web Design Introduction
Sample sites from previous students

Web design is not just for techies. Whether you're majoring in journalism, art, business, or agriculture, everyone can use these skills to market themselves, their organization, or just for fun. Designing a Web site is easier than you think. In The Introduction to Web Design class, you'll learn everything you need to plan, design, and produce a killer Web site. Check out some of the outstanding work created by the students. Many are now professional sites serving companies and organizations, but originally started here as class projects.

Student work from Summer 2017
U of MN Rugby Team
Fan Site
Art Portfolio

As of June 2017 the U of MN stopped supporting student and staff websites. Over 200 sites created by students in the UC3201 class were removed. A few of the students created sites with their own domain names and or hosting and they are here. Also note that the banner at the top contains images from some of the student sites. Sites from UC3201 students will return in the Fall of 2017 using new hosts.

Student work from previous classes
Architecture Portfolio
Hair Salon
Food Truck
State Fair Food